Member Giveback returning $14 million to members for 2022

December 15, 2022

Dow Credit union marks 42 consecutive years of giveback

Dow Credit Union has announced its Member Giveback for 2022, with $14 million expected to be given back to eligible members in January via rebates and rewards deposited to their savings accounts.

This is the 42nd consecutive year that the credit union – which became Dow Credit Union in September after 85 years as Dow Chemical Employees’ Credit Union – has returned a share of its earnings to members. A grand total of more than $275 million has been given back during those four-plus decades. The Member Giveback began in 1955 and has been offered in all but one year since.

For 2022, Dow Credit Union will give back 40% of the interest that members in good standing paid on their eligible loans over the course of the year and will give them a cash reward equal to 40% of the interest/dividends they earned on their eligible deposits. Members in good standing also will receive a 0.125% rebate on their total Dow Credit Union Visa® Debit Card purchase transactions for the year, regardless of whether the transactions were signature-based or PIN-based.

“We provided the largest giveback in the nation as a percentage of total assets for 2021, and we’re hopeful that our 2022 Member Giveback will keep us on that leading edge,” said Dow Credit Union President and CEO Michael Goad. “Along with our diligent management of members’ deposited funds, the loyalty of our members in saving with and borrowing from us year after year is a key reason we’re able to routinely offer such a significant Member Giveback.”

Dow Credit Union Board of Directors Chair Perry Holmon agreed, noting the importance of the credit union’s loyal – and growing – membership base. 

“The 77,000-plus member-owners who have chosen Dow Credit Union as their financial institution and continue to loyally use our products and services are crucial to our ability to offer a Member Giveback,” he said. “With everyone now able to apply for membership and with our upcoming physical expansion into Saginaw in 2023, we’re continuing to grow and are looking forward to serving even more members in the coming years.”

The official total dollar amount of Dow Credit Union’s 2022 Member Giveback will be announced in late January, after all rebates and rewards have been deposited to members’ accounts. Most deposits will be made on Jan. 1, 2023, but all should be completed no later than Jan. 31, 2023. Visit for details and updates.


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