Branch Services

branch services

Money orders are suitable for situations where making a payment with a personal check may not be acceptable, such as real estate closings, automobile purchases, apartment deposits, or mail order.

They can be purchased for any amount up to $5,000. These items are issued blank, so that the purchaser fills in the payee information.

Money orders are available to Dow Credit Union members at our Member Services department for $2.00 each.


Notary Public service is available at Dow Credit Union's Saginaw and Midland branches. A notary public is a State of Michigan commissioned position that allows the notary to acknowledge the official witnessing of another person’s signature on a document. Common uses for notarized documents are legal and contractual attestations, oaths, and acknowledgments.

There is no charge to members for this service. To take advantage of this service, you can walk-in or schedule your appointment online.

To help ensure timely service, please use the following steps as a general guideline:

  • All signers must personally appear at Dow Credit Union. 
  • Bring unexpired state issued/government identification for all signers.
  • Bring all pages of the document that requires notarization.
  • Do NOT sign before arrival at Dow Credit Union.


Safe Deposit Box

Enjoy security, peace of mind, convenience and great service while Dow Credit Union is protecting your irreplaceable possessions.

Contact us for more information.

Box Size Annual Fee1
3” x 5” x 24” $20
5" x 5" x 24" 2 $40
3” x 10” x 24” $30
5” x 10” x 24” $45
7” x 10” x 24” $75
10” x 10” x 24” $100

Neither Dow Credit Union nor the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) provides insurance coverage for the contents of a safe deposit box.

  1. Pricing and availability subject to change.

  2. The 5" x 5" x 24" safe deposit box is only available at the Saginaw branch.

Signature Guarantee and Signature Validation service is available at Dow Credit Union's Saginaw and Midland branches and is no charge to our members.

While Dow Credit Union has several Guarantors/Validators on staff, we recommend that you call ahead to make sure that a qualified staff member will be in the office at the time you need this service. During your scheduled phone call, the representative will review the purpose of your request and help guide you through the required items to complete your request.

Typically, all owners of the security must be present with valid ID, and owner signatures will be completed at Dow Credit Union in the presence of the Guarantor/Validator.

Contact us to schedule an appointment.



Signature Guarantee / Validation Details

Sometimes, finding the perfect gift or showing an act of kindness is easier done with a Visa Gift Card. You choose the amount, and the recipient decides what to purchase. It's that simple.


Visit Our Saginaw or Midland Branch In-Person for Purchase

  • Available for purchase at our offices.
  • Any amount between $25 and $1,000 can be loaded on the card.
  • $3.00 service fee when purchased at a teller station.
  • Issued immediately.

Dow Credit Union's gift card program limits the use of cards to U.S. domestic transactions only. Cardholders are no longer able to use Harland Clarke gift cards for international purchases.

Visit for full terms and conditions.