Cash in on the region’s highest CD rates!

November 07, 2022

Rates as high as 4.28% APY2,3,4

If you’ve been considering opening a certificate of deposit (CD), there’s never been a better time!

We have the region’s best CD rates1 – currently as high as 4.28% APY2,3,4 – and the starting minimum deposit is just $500. In addition, most of our CDs qualify for our potential year-end Member Saver Reward, which is part of our Member Giveback4.

Whether you’re looking to put money away for 6 months or 60, we have CDs with terms, features and options tailored to suit a variety of budgets, asset levels and savings goals.

Learn more about our CD options and their benefits at


Want to maximize your returns but also gain periodic access to your funds? Consider starting a CD ladder! Divvying up your money and simultaneously establishing multiple CDs that will mature at different times is what’s known as a CD ladder. It lets you reap the benefits of longer-term CDs’ higher rates (APY2) while also not having all of your funds tied up in a single CD. As each CD matures, you can cash it out or reinvest it. You can find a complete listing of all of our CD types and terms at


1Region is defined as Bay, Saginaw and Midland counties in Michigan. Comparison is made to typical, non-promotional CD rates at other financial institutions based within the region and is accurate as of 10/17/2022
2APY = annual percentage yield. For CDs, any advertised APY assumes principal and interest remain on deposit for the term of the certificate. Advertised APYs are subject to change. A penalty for early withdrawal may be imposed and could reduce earnings on a CD account, including reduction of principal. Starting minimum deposit for all Dow Credit Union CDs is $500.
3Advertised “as high as” APY is for a 36-month Simple CD and is accurate as of 11/7/2022.
4Our Simple CDs are not eligible for Member Giveback Rebates and Rewards. While Member Giveback rebates and rewards occur with great regularity, this credit union benefit is not guaranteed. Not all loan and deposit products are eligible for Member Giveback consideration. Some limitations apply. See for details.


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