Midland Branch Holds Neighboring Week Postcard Contest

September 25, 2023

MIDLAND - Dow Credit Union has announced a unique competition for local children during the Midland Area Community Foundation's Neighboring Week.
We invite any child who visits our credit union's headquarters at 600 E. Lyon Road in Midland to design their own postcard. Blank templates and complimentary packs of crayons will be available at the greeter's desk. We ask that entrants draw or color their favorite places in the community, then mail their pre-stamped and addressed creations back to us.
"Every national monument gets its own postcard, but we wanted to offer kids a chance to celebrate the community landmarks that are significant to them," Program Specialist Brandon Kathman said.
Participating youth should also include a brief note on the back of their postcard explaining what the location they have depicted means to them. Additional doodles from younger artists are also appreciated!
Our executive team will select three winners from among the designs postmarked before Oct. 6, which we will display on our digital jumbotron on Lyon Road. The competition is open to all interested youth, though templates are only available at the Midland branch.
"I believe this program embodies the aims of Neighboring Week," Kathman said. "It's 2023, and we dispatch online messages to the other side of the globe in seconds. Incredible though that is, there's something sacred about crafting a handmade card and sharing it within one's community."
According to the Midland Area Cultural Awareness Coalition, Neighboring Week is intended as a "catalyst for building a sense of belonging in Midland County." This year, dozens of other businesses, agencies, and nonprofits in the area are likewise expected to participate, hosting their own crafts, contests, and events. An event calendar is available at