Contactless debit cards are coming

November 14, 2022


Activate your new debit card as soon as possible to allow time to update any recurring payments you may have set up.



Please note we have extended the deactivation dates due to shipping delays

  • Old cards will deactivate on 03/07/2023 for contactless cards activated before 01/03/2023 
  • Old cards will deactivate on 03/07/2023 for contactless cards activated after 01/03/2023 


Note: HSA debit cards are getting replaced with contactless cards no later than March 2023


Call to activate your new card:

  • From your home/primary phone number on file, call 866.762.0558 (within the U.S.) or 800.466.0040 (outside the U.S.).

Set up your new PIN:

  • If you're in the U.S., follow the instructions listed on the card or receive your PIN by mail within the next few days.
  • If you're outside the U.S., wait to receive your PIN by mail within the next few days. 

Update any automatic payments using the old card to the new card to avoid declined transactions, late payments, and fees:

  • Mobile and digital wallets
  • Automatic payments
  • Stored payment details with online merchants and service providers

Protect your card

  • Shred the old card for identity protection
  • Please sign the back panel of your card immediately.
  • Do not write your PIN on your card.
  • Never carry a copy of your PIN with your card.



Frequently Asked Questions


Why am I receiving a card with Dow Chemical Employees' Credit Union on it instead of the new name, Dow Credit Union?


We will replace cards with the new name and branding once we deplete our existing card stock. Once activated, this card will be functional, regardless of the name, until its expiration date.


Why haven't I received a new, contactless card? 


Cards are arriving later than expected due to shipping delays. 


If you have not received your new contactless card by 02/01/2023, please send a message in online banking or call 1.800.835.7794.


Why did I receive a separate mailer with a PIN? 


PINs were mailed out separately from the new contactless cards for security reasons. No further action is needed if you activated your card before the PIN arrived.