Phishing & fraud alert

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If you recently received a text message claiming to be from the credit union, and provided personal, account or security information, please contact Dow Credit Union directly at 989.835.7794 or 800.835.7794 (toll-free). 


We have recently seen an increase in fraudulent activity through phishing scams via text message, email, phone and impersonating websites.


To protect your accounts and safeguard your identity: 

  • Never click unsolicited links or respond to suspicious texts, emails, or calls 
  • Ensure you are visiting the official Dow Credit Union website by hand typing
  • Know you are talking to Dow Credit Union by calling the official phone at 989.835.7794 (800.835.7794 toll-free)


As a reminder: 

  • Dow Credit Union will never call, text or email you asking for your personal, account or security information.  
  • Only provide account or personal information when you have followed one of the following: 

    • Called 989.835.7794 (800.835.7794 toll-free) 

    • Opened a web browser to