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member giveback faq

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Dow Credit Union strives to maintain a healthy capital (net worth) level. Anything over that level is considered excess income and generally is given back to eligible members in the form of a Member Giveback. Typically included in the Member Giveback are our Loan Interest Rebate, Member Saver Reward and Visa® Debit Card Rebate.
Although this credit union benefit is not guaranteed, the Member Giveback is typically given out annually during the month of January. Since 1955, Dow Credit Union has given back a share of our earnings to members in all but one year (1979).
There are many factors, including – but not limited to – interest rate levels, yield curve, balance sheet mix and risk, capital (net worth), the current and future economic environment, and regulatory changes.
No, but a Giveback has occurred every year since 1980 and in all but one year since 1955.
Although this credit union benefit is not guaranteed, the Loan Interest Rebate for the Rebate-Eligible Visa® Credit Card is typically deposited to the Prime Share Account no later than January 31.