Check Reorders FAQs

Have a question about reordering checks?
checking faq
To reorder checks within Online Banking, members can click on their Checking account from the Accounts list and then select Reorder checks.
Harland Clarke’s site is designed with numerous safety measures to protect sensitive information internally, as well as online. Sensitive information is protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. While on a secure page, such as an order form, the lock icon on the Web browser window becomes locked, rather than open (or unlocked).
Each box of checks from Harland Clarke™ contains a check reorder form. This form is attached to the second to the last pad of checks in your box. It is a form with REORDER in the upper right-hand corner. You can find your 12-digit ID number in the upper right-hand portion of the form. This ID number will change with every new order of checks. If you misplace your most recent ID, call or visit the credit union to place the reorder.
For security and fraud protection, members are not allowed to change any of their personal information online. To place a reorder with changes, contact the credit union and the next time that you want to reorder checks online your newly updated information will appear.
Orders may arrive within 7 to 10 business days.
The billing remains the same as when the credit union places the order. All charges will come directly out of your checking account.
Upon receiving the order, Harland Clarke™ will send a confirmation message to the email address entered when you placed the order.
Contact the credit union as soon as possible to change or cancel an order.
Contact the credit union or if there is a toll-free customer service number on the price notification slip in your check box, you can call that number directly.
If duplicates were requested in a prior order, other options will not appear online. For more options, please contact the credit union.