Bill Pay FAQs

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  • Select Bill Pay from the menu to schedule bill payments or add new payees.
  • Full bill pay site access is available by selecting Manage payments from the Bill Pay card through the web browser only.
Payments made in Bill Pay before 2:00 p.m. (EST) will be withdrawn (debited) from your account by the end of the business day.

Please be aware when making a payment that involves sending a physical check to a payee, to give up to 5 (five) days beyond the estimated Deliver By date. This is due to conditions beyond our control that include the reduction of the United States Postal Service processing and distribution centers. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience, however the Credit Union, nor our Bill Pay vendor, can guarantee the postal delivery date or the posting times of said payments and therefore, will not be responsible for any late fees incurred.
When using the Rush payment option - if a check (draft) is sent, the funds are not debited from your account until the check clears.
Payments may process electronically or by check. Electronic payments will either process through ACH or by a virtual card. The goal is to deliver your payment securely, using the fastest method available for your payee.
A virtual card is a single-use, pre-paid card. Because the card is single-use, you will not recognize card numbers in payment confirmations you may receive from payees.
No. The only information associated with the card is: card number, expiration date, and card processor name.
Payments are made securely by Visa, Mastercard, or Discover. The single-use cards are not tied to your account. The card processors only receive information that is required to make your payment and do not have access to your account information.
Your payees establish relationships to receive electronic payments through different payment processors. These processors partner with one another so more payments can be sent electronically. This means your payment gets there faster.
Not necessarily. If your payee establishes new electronic payment relationships or discontinues them, your payment processing method may be impacted. A check payment may start processing electronically, or vice versa depending on the payee.
No, you should not be charged fees for use of a virtual card. If you feel you were charged, please contact support to research the fee.