Overdraft Protection

You just never know...

Imagine a time where you forgot you wrote a check or made a purchase with your debit card, and all of a sudden, your available balance cannot cover your outstanding transactions. For those unforeseen expenses and events, Dow Credit Union offers members in good standing three overdraft protection services: Overdraft Transfer Service from Savings, a Revolving Line-of-Credit, and Courtesy Pay.

Overdraft Transfer Service from Savings

If there are not sufficient available funds in your Checking Account to cover the transactions you’ve started, we will transfer the needed funds from your Prime Savings Account to your Checking Account, provided there is enough money available.

There is no annual fee, no additional cost, and no limit to the number of transfers that can be made automatically. The transfers are only limited by the available balance in your Prime Savings Account.

Revolving Line-of-Credit

Our Revolving Line-of-Credit loan offers the option of added overdraft protection. A draw from your Line-of-Credit may cover charges beyond what you have available in Checking and help you avoid costly overdraft fees. There are no fees charged for the advance, however interest will begin to accrue immediately on any balance.

Revolving Line-of-Credit is subject to approval based on creditworthiness of applicant.

Please contact us if you would like to apply.

Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay allows Dow Credit Union to provide a higher level of service to our members by protecting your account, and your reputation, when an inadvertent overdraft occurs. Courtesy Pay is an optional service that allows Dow Credit Union to pay a check or certain other items presented against your checking account, even if they cause the account to become overdrawn. It is not a loan and there is no fee unless the privilege is used.

Specific details of the courtesy pay options and coverages are available in the Courtesy Pay FAQs.

If you have a question about Courtesy Pay that is not answered by the  Federal Interagency guide or our FAQs, please contact us or stop by.

Applying online today is easy from Online Banking!

After signing in, go to "Documents" and click on "Forms". Then, click on "Courtesy Pay Enrollment / Modification".