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Our Mission

Act as a multiplier for good, sharing our success to improve the lives of members, employees, and neighbors to build stronger, more vibrant communities.

Dow Credit Union's Service Commitment is to be our members' lifelong financial partner by building trusted relationships.


Dow Credit Union was the 182nd credit union organized in the State of Michigan.

In 1937, the country was still in the throes of a severe economic depression that underscored the need for a workable financial plan to enable Dow employees to save for emergencies and obtain convenient, low-cost credit. Two Dow employees heard about the credit union movement and brought members of the Michigan Credit Union League to Midland. Representatives of labor and management heard the plan, liked it, and applied to the State Banking Department for a charter, which was granted July 28, 1937.

When Dow Credit Union began, membership was available to all employees of The Dow Chemical Company upon payment of a $0.25 membership fee. After joining, members could buy shares in the Credit Union for $5 each. The maximum loan granted without security was $50 and the maximum loan with security was $300. Interest rates were fixed at one percent a month on unpaid balances of any loan.

The first year of its inception, Dow Credit Union had 338 members and issued $4,990 in loans. By 1938, the assets reached $35,983. Dow Credit Union is proud to serve more than 74 thousand members and as of December 31, 2021 has over $2.1 billion in assets.

Our goal has always been to serve the members to the best of our abilities and provide them with the best value for their money. Every day, we continually strive to improve our level of service by keeping our common focus on the members. Thank you for your continued support of Dow Credit Union and for utilizing the many services we offer. Please look to us first for all of your financial needs as we continue to provide great value and pricing of our products and services. We look forward to serving you today, tomorrow, and for the years to come. Remember, Dow Credit Union is your Credit Union!


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Midland Branch



Monday - Friday: 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. ET*

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Monday - Friday: 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. ET*

Saturday: 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. ET*

* See the Holiday Hours section below for more specific information.

Saginaw Branch

5420 Gratiot Rd, Saginaw, MI 48638



Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. ET*

Drive Thru:

Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. ET**

* See the Holiday Hours section below for more specific information.
** Drive Thru ATM available 24-hours every day and on weekends.


We have a number of ATM locations. Use our ATM Locator to find the one closest to you!

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Featured News

Wall Street Journal Recognizes Dow Credit Union CD Rates

June 08, 2023


MIDLAND - Recent research by the Wall Street Journal recognized Dow Credit Union’s certificate of deposit rates for being among the most attractive in the nation, as market-wide interest rates have created opportunities for savers.1 


While record increases in market interest rates make borrowing more costly, the environment likewise creates rare opportunities for those seeking to save, according to experts. Certificates of deposit (CDs)2 represent one such example. Low-risk CDs function similarly to a savings account; however, with CDs consumers commit funds for a fixed period to lock in a higher interest rate. Unlike savings accounts, the rates on CDs are guaranteed for the duration of the term, with the caveat that the funds typically cannot be withdrawn without incurring a penalty.  


“CDs have been overlooked over the last decade due to the low-interest rate environment reducing the attractiveness of CDs," Dow Credit Union CFO Sanjay Ahluwalia said. "However, the current higher interest rate environment market is creating savings opportunities with CDs that have not been seen for years.” 


The Wall Street Journal's BuySide1 identified three “top” credit unions nationwide for their CD rates, Dow Credit Union being the only institution of the group with a presence in the Midwest. Their research also found that credit unions in general have come to outpace traditional banks through these accounts, with the average one-year CD at a bank paying 1.59% annual percentage yield compared to 5.27% APY offered for a six-month term at Dow Credit Union.  


According to the Wall Street Journal, member-owned credit unions can often pay better rates than traditional banks, as they do not contend with the same shareholder demands, "leaving more money for members." 


“CDs are a safe place to park your dollars and lock in higher savings rates," Ahluwalia said. "If you can afford to let some money sit for a while, now is a great opportunity to invest in a CD." 


Insured by NCUA

  1. 1. Wall Street Journal, 6/8/2023, https://www.wsj.com/buyside/personal-finance/best-cd-rates-credit-unions-f0c92b85 

  1. 2. Annual Percentage Yield (APY) assumes interest payouts remain in your certificate account until maturity. Interest rate is guaranteed for the length of the term. An early withdrawal penalty may be applied when a withdrawal is made prior to maturity of the certificate and could result in loss of principal. Starting minimum deposit is $500. Rates are subject to change on a daily basis. Rates effective as of 6/8/2023.  Membership eligibility required. 






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Dow Credit Union believes that diversity, equity and inclusion are essential to a robust and thriving financial institution. As a membership organization with a global reach, Dow Credit Union is committed to promoting a culture that includes, encourages, supports and celebrates diverse voices and reflects the communities it serves.



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